Our vision is to transform the energy market by providing a renewable replacement for crude oil.

We’re taking a radically different approach to algae biofuel. Other companies have failed to grow algae cheaply enough for biofuel. These companies have grown algae in expensive, highly controlled environments. At Manta, we’re taking inspiration from agriculture to make a system that’s scalable, reliable, and cost effective. We’re farming algae, instead of manufacturing it.


We grow algae in open ponds, which allows our system to be robust and scalable.


We collect algae from our ponds using our patented magnetic harvesting technology.


Finally, we convert the algae to crude oil using our high temperature and pressure reactor.


Our oil can be used in the existing liquid fuels infrastructure, with one key difference: the fuels produced from our product are renewable and carbon neutral.

Built to scale.

Since our company was founded in 2014, we’ve raised $3 million in funding, including a Department of Energy SBIR Phase II award. We’ve used these funds to validate each step of our process in the field, and are currently working on developing a 15 acre pilot scale facility.

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