We’re all aware of what our world needs, and Manta Biofuel is the one stepping up to the plate to deliver it. Be a part of the revolutionary way to produce renewable crude oil through algae growth.

The need for crude oil isn’t going anywhere. That means the need for renewable crude oil has never been more important.

Each day, the U.S. consumes almost 1 billion gallons of fossil fuel—generating 300 trillion pounds of CO2 emissions every year. With the dangerous threats that accompany climate change, the world needs a solution to replace fossil fuels with a sustainable and cost-effective alternative.

Enter: Manta Biofuel.

Where other companies have failed, we’re thriving. We recognize that growing algae in expensive, highly-controlled environments isn’t economic or scalable. So we’re farming algae instead of manufacturing it. Learn more about the technology we use while scaling production with independent farmers here.

$ M raised
from U.S. Department of Energy, State of Maryland, and Founder

Our first customers are large universities on the east coast who are unable to meet their heating and power needs with electric-only sources. As our production volumes grow, we’ll enter larger markets, such as marine fuels, heavy industry, and oil refineries, equating to a $2 trillion addressable market.

We’re able to decarbonize the economy without needing trillions of dollars for infrastructure overhaul.
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Where is your investment going?

Our decentralized scale-up plan accelerates revenue growth and democratizes energy production.

Key Benefits of Algae Biofuel:

  • Net negative CO2 emissions
  • Direct fossil fuel replacement
  • Startup costs lower than traditional agricultural equipment
  • 100+ million acres available in the U.S.

Value Proposition:

  • Low capital investment required to get started
  • Scalable production via modular equipment
  • Leverage marginal land, increasing a farmer’s productive capacity
  • Reliable source of diversified income for farmers
  • Biofuel Production Scale

    Your investment in Manta Biofuel is a concrete step to help in the fight against climate change.

    “This is an amazing idea that will do nothing but help the planet. Love technology and the focus on leveraging independent farmers to scale up production. I truly believe this startup is one of the keys to our future.”


    “I believe climate change is the most dire threat to our society today and will take bold action on the part of all of us. I commend these scientists and entrepreneurs for doing far more than their share to address this crisis, and if I have the ability to help them continue their work, I feel it's just the right thing to do.”


    From the U.S. Department of Energy

    “The team has demonstrated that they are capable of growing, harvesting, and converting algal biomass into an ASTM certified fuel oil. This is a significant achievement seldom realized by much larger, better-funded, companies working in the industry.”

    A large portion of our funding has been non-dilutive from 3 rounds of investment from the U.S. Department of Energy. Being highly selective, only about 2% of technologies that apply receive all three rounds of investment from the Department of Energy.

    Our mission: to commercialize the production of biofuel made from algae, by making it cost-competitive for the first time in history. With our unique and scalable system, we envision a world where our energy sources are sustainable, energy is democratized, and where the planet is preserved for future generations.