We originally developed our proprietary technology to harvest algae for biofuel.

We discovered that our magnetic separation system can address  excessive of turbidity (clarifying), high levels of nutrients (that lead to the creation of harmful algal blooms), and also remove heavy metals.

Manta’s system permanently removes more than 90% of contaminants within the water such as algae blooms, sediment, and nutrients like phosphorus.

One of the unique aspects of our technology is that it provides the power of a water treatment plant, yet can fit into an easily haulable 8 ½ ft x 16 ft trailer. This small footprint allows for high mobility, and creates an ideal system for addressing various acute water issues such as:

  • Immediate mitigation of algal blooms in ponds and lakes
  • Permanent removal of the regulated nutrients like phosphorus that cause the algal blooms
  • Reducing turbidity and total suspended solids (TSS) in lagoons
  • Removal of heavy metals and other contaminants in industrial ponds
  • Treatment of dredge spoil containment ponds
  • Treatment of coal pile runoff

Unlike other companies, Manta’s system treats without the addition of chemicals like herbicides, or algaecides to a water body.


In the future, the algae that is removed from the body of water, can then be reused as a source material in the process of biofuel conversion.

Water exits our machine dramatically cleaner. 

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